LEGACY OUTBACK (BS9) Sturt Tower Bar

Standard body enhancementparts

Strut Tower Bar is a standard item for body reinforcement. It will stabilize suspension’s behavior by preventing body from twisting at cornering.

LEGACY OUTBACK (BS9) Sturt Tower Bar

To make hight rigidity by using oval shaft.

CARBING Tower bar uses OKUYAMA original oval shape pipes.

STKM13A Steel and A5052 Aluminum material for the best performance result.

レガシィ アウトバック BS9 タワーバー

High quality products manufactured at domestic own factory.

CARBING strut bars are fully welded, creating extremely high rigidity and reducing weight.

Every single product is welded by our skilled and experienced welders by hand. As a result, the beautiful weld line finish shows our commitment to the best quality.

LEGACY OUTBACK (BS9) Sturt Tower Bar

Parts No. 611 527 0 / JPY 20,000

Parts No. 621 527 0 / JPY 30,000