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Strut Tower Bar Front - N-ONE JG1

Strut Tower Bar Front

Strut Tower Bar is a standard item for body reinforcement. It will stabilize suspensionfs behavior by preventing body from twisting at cornering.


Strut Tower Bar Steel : JPY 28,500

Strut Tower Bar Aluminum : JPY 38,000

N-ONE JG1 Lower Arm Bar Front

Lower Arm Bar Front

Lower arm bar is an undercarriage reinforcement part, which helps to get the best performance that suspensions can naturally offer.


Lower Arm Bar Front : JPY 16,000

N-ONE JG1 Frame Brace Front

Frame Brace Front

Frame Brace connects front suspension member and first front vehicle frame. Its add rigidity of front overhang for better steering response and stability during cornering.

Okuyama Frame Brace uses 20x40(mm) oval shaft for better torsion rigidity.

Made of steel. White color powder coated paint for scratch registants.

Frame Brace Front : JPY 22,000

N-ONE JG1 Member Brace Front

Member Brace Front

By connecting suspention sub frame and body chassis, vehicle rigidity will improve. This member brace will transfer suspention work to the body more efficiently. Stability and drive feel at high speed will improve.


Member Brace Front : JPY 20,000

N-ONE JG1 Trunk Brace

Trunk Brace

Week point of Hatch back style vehicle body can strengthening by use of this Trunk Brace Bar. Trunk Brace bar connects both side of the body inside week rear hatch part of the body in order to gain rigidity.

Trunk Brace : JPY 26,000