• roll bar
  • strut tower bar
  • lower arm bar
  • radiator cooling plate
  • passenger plate
  • carbon meter hood
  • intake
  • oil catch tank
  • reservoir tank
  • under panel
  • shift knob
  • pedal set

0.6L Oil Catch Tank - TOYOTA PRIUS ZVW30


Model : PURIUS

Model Identifier : ZVW30

Parts No. 206 057 0

Hose + Hose clamps + installation bracket.

This Oil catch tank has same function as our general fitment oil catch tank with separator, level gage and drain bolts. For easy fitting with each model cars, we have catered bracket, pipe fitting location, angle, and hose length. This makes easy bolt-on installation. 

Oil Catch Tank is made of light weight (A5052)aluminum with iodized coating for good durability.

JPY 19,000 (+tax)

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