Towing Hook Rear - TOYOTA YARIS (MXPA10) / AQUA NHP10 (2015)

Towing Hook Rear - TOYOTA YARIS (MXPA10)
Towing Hook Rear - TOYOTA AQUA NHP10 (2015)
Towing Hook Rear - TOYOTA YARIS (MXPA10)


Model : YARIS / AQUA (2015)

Model Identifier : MXPA10/NHP10

Parts No. 436 058 0

Strong enough to be towed reliably in motorsports.

The shape is designed in accordance with FIA J standards, so it can be used for international and domestic competitions.

It is also recommended as a dress-up item to bring out the atmosphere of competition vehicles.

*Developed in the mid-term type (from 2014/12/08), unconfirmed in the previous period. (NHP10)

¦G's : Not tested for compatibility. (NHP10)

¦Model released in June 2017. Not tested. (NHP10)


JPY 10,500