Reservoir Tank

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What is Reservoir Tank ?

Engine coolant cavitatation occurs during higher than normal Engine RPM under sports driving.
Cavitation cause unstable cooling system pressure and leads to overheating.
Cavitation may also cause serious damage such as cavitation damage (erosion of cooling system).
Reservoir tank prevents from cavitation to occur and thus avoid problems.
It maintains high radiator efficiency and control cooling system pressure by removing cavitation. As a result it regulates temperature from rising.

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Features of CARBING Reservoir Tank

CARBING reservoir tank is compact body(75mmx158mm) easy to fit on most vehicles.

There are two types of fitment of the hose for different applications. It is made of A5052 light weight and durable aluminum construction. Anodized coating enhances rust resistant. Kit include Radiator Cap (1.3kg/cm2).

CARBING リザーバータンクの特徴


It is quite dangerous when removing radiator cap when the engine is hot. Radiator fluid and other surrounding parts are hot and radiator is under high pressure thus, hot radiator coolant burst off when open radiator cap in hot condition. Please conduct the installation when the engine is not hot(cooled down).

After the installation of the radiator cap, please make sure to remove air from the system. When air bubbles are present, it may cause overheating. Please consult professional installer.

Install in the location where higher than the engine and radiator. Also avoid installing in the location where high temperature is present such as near exhaust manifold or turbo unit.

Some vehicles are not equipped with blow-by gas return hose. In such case, please plug one of the holes of the tank.

Installation requires draining radiator coolant and re-filling of new radiator coolant.

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Reservoir Tank : General-purpose

Type Hose Size Parts No. Code:F
Reservoir Tank / FITTING TYPE #4×2/#6 220 001 0 製品詳細
Reservoir Tank / HOSE TYPE 6φ×2/8φ 220 002 0 製品詳細

Reservoir Tank : Dedicated type

Vehicle Model Parts No. Code:F
TOYOTA 86 / SUBARU BRZ ZN6/ZC6 220 055 0 製品詳細
NISSAN GT-R R35 220 148 0 製品詳細

Water temperature sensor attachment

Vehcle Model Parts No. Code:F
TOYOTA 86 / SUBARU BRZ ZN6/ZC6 222 055 0 製品詳細
NISSAN MARCH NISMO S / NOTE NISMO S K13kai/E12kai 222 159 0 製品詳細

Features of CARBING Combination hose adaptor.

For 1/8 PT sensor. This Combination hose adaptor takes both reserve tank return hose and water temperature sensor fitting.

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Please check your vehicle hose diameter for the fitment.

Line Up

Rdiator Hose Rerurn Hose Parts No.   Code:F
30mm 8mm 221 308 0 discontinued. 製品詳細
30mm #6 221 306 0 discontinued. 製品詳細
38mm 8mm 221 388 0 discontinued. 製品詳細
38mm #6 221 386 0 discontinued. 製品詳細