Strut Tower BAR/Steel/Rear/TypeI - TOYOTA GR86, 86/ SUBARU BRZ

Strut Tower BAR/Steel/Rear/TypeI - TOYOTA 86/SUBARU BRZ
Strut Tower BAR/Steel/Rear/TypeI - TOYOTA 86/SUBARU BRZ


Model : GR86, 86/BRZ

Model Identifier : ZN8/ZN6/ZD8/ZC6

Parts No. 651 055 0

Body flexes in the rear are from the stress and shocks are transferred through strut upper bracket plus lateral force from cornering. Big opening of the body such as trunk or hatch causes body flex to occur. Okuyama Strut tower bar connects both side of the strut upper bracket to strengthen front part of the body to let suspension work in the exact designed geometry. This result in better handling and stability.  

Okuyama Strut Tower BAR uses 20x40(mm) oval shaft for better torsion rigidity.

Made of steel. White color powder coated paint for scratch registants.

interior processing is necessary.

JPY 28,490