Radiator Reservoir Tank - TOYOTA 86(ZN6)/SUBARU BRZ(ZC6)

Radiator Reservoir Tank - TOYOTA 86(ZN6)/SUBARU BRZ(ZC6)


Model : 86/BRZ

Model Identifier : ZN6/ZC6

Parts No. 220 055 0

Engine coolant cavitatation occurs during higher than normal Engine RPM under sports driving.
Cavitation cause unstable cooling system pressure and leads to overheating.
Cavitation may also cause serious damage such as cavitation damage (erosion of cooling system).
Reservoir tank prevents from cavitation to occur and thus avoid problems.
It maintains high radiator efficiency and control cooling system pressure by removing cavitation. As a result it regulates temperature from rising.

This product is light-weight and is made with the excellent aluminum material (A5052) for the durability. That will answer to the environment of the engine compartment that temperature change is intense with to give Alumite treatment to the surface.