• roll bar
  • strut tower bar
  • lower arm bar
  • radiator cooling plate
  • passenger plate
  • carbon meter hood
  • intake
  • oil catch tank
  • reservoir tank
  • under panel
  • shift knob
  • pedal set

Lower Arm Bar Front - TOYOTA PRIUS ZVW30


Model : PURIUS

Model Identifier : ZVW30

Parts No. 680 057 0

CARBING Lower Arm bars are utilized STKM13A steel oval shaft (20x40) because of advantage of twist rigidity. Bracket part is designed as a pipe shape for high strength between body and the bar. (except some cars) Moreover, its shaft and bracket are fully welded. The CARBING Lower Arm bar has highly effect on a vehicle with up-graded big wheel or high-grip tire, especially heavyweight car.

JPY 11,000 (+tax)

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