• roll bar
  • strut tower bar
  • lower arm bar
  • radiator cooling plate
  • passenger plate
  • carbon meter hood
  • intake
  • oil catch tank
  • reservoir tank
  • under panel
  • shift knob
  • pedal set

High Pressure Radiator Cap


Basic item of a cooling.

Pull up on the valve opening pressure from genuine 89Kpa ~ 108Kpa to 127Kpa, it is cooling parts to up the cooling effect to increase the boiling point of the coolant.


*Please check the radiator cap of an installed car.

  Valve opening pressure (Kpa) Boiling point (℃)
The usual air pressure 0 100
Genuine parts 88 120
Our products 127 130



  TYPE No. price 画像  
High Pressure Radiator Cap A 222 000 0 JPY 2,800(+tax) 製品詳細
B 222 001 0 JPY 2,800(+tax) 製品詳細

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