• roll bar
  • strut tower bar
  • lower arm bar
  • radiator cooling plate
  • passenger plate
  • carbon meter hood
  • intake
  • oil catch tank
  • reservoir tank
  • under panel
  • shift knob
  • pedal set



Tuning car necessities.

Device which developed through years of racing experience supports highest level of technology.

  • oil catch tank
  • reservoir tank
  • collector tank
  • separator tank
  • radiator cap

Collector Tank

Avoid air bulb from entering fuel line. Provide constant pressure to fuel injectors.
Aluminum made with Iodized finish.

※Please check house size since this product is for general application.

Collector Tank

Line Up


Type Hose Size Parts No. Price Photo  
Collector Tank1L/hose 8mm 230 100 0 discontinued click here
Collector Tank1L/FITTING TYPE #6 230 106 0 discontinued click here
Collector Tank1.5L/hose 8mm 230 150 0 discontinued click here
Collector Tank1.5L/FITTING TYPE #6 230 156 0 discontinued click here


Oil Sensor Block


For 1/8pt sensors. Up to three Oil sensing devices such as Oil temperature, Oil pressure and etc. will fit. All sensors come to same points to make clean look under the hood.
Parts No. 210 000 0
Remarks For 1/8pt sensors.オイルキャッチタンク
Price discontinued
  click here

Combination Tank


GDB Combination Tank

Aluminum(Aluminum made with Iodized finish)
Oil catch tank (1L capacity) and air bubble remover tank (0.5L capacity) in one. Saves space for crowded engine room.

Parts No. 215 504 0
Model GDB
Remarks Fitting battery・・・34B19L
Price discontinued
  click here

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